I am honoured to represent Brooks-Medicine Hat as the Alberta NDP Candidate.

I believe that the integrity, honesty, competency, stability, and vision of Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP is the best choice for Alberta. 

Alberta, under the UCP, is continually moving in a direction where while a few prosper, others suffer and pay the price.

Alberta should be a place where everyone can thrive, and no one is left behind; where everyone can access quality public health care and parents can rely on good quality public education for their children, regardless of where they live or what their personal finances are.

Alberta should be a place where small businesses can grow and prosper!

Alberta NDP will build a future where all Albertans
can work, live, grow, learn, and thrive. A future that is
sustainable for our children and grandchildren.

My commitment to you is to hear your voice and
your concerns and to do everything in my power to
take these concerns forward to create an affordable,
sustainable, safe, and stable Alberta.

              Gwendoline Dirk

       Working HARD for YOU!



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Raised in rural Saskatchewan, Gwendoline has never forgotten her rural roots – always the farm girl at heart! With nine siblings, life on the farm taught Gwendoline the values of family, hard work, collaboration, empathy, helping others, honesty, integrity, and dedication to community, which includes people of different ethnic, cultural, or religious backgrounds.

Although the bulk of Gwendoline’s career has revolved around teaching, she has also been involved with and understands the rewards and challenges of family farming and small business. Having to rely on unpredictable variables like the market and weather for income, are concepts she understands.

Since retirement from her busy career as an educator, Gwendoline has been actively involved with various community organizations as a member and/or volunteer: she is a member of The Medicine Hat Police Commission, World Vision, Amnesty International, Rotary Canada, Kiwanis Canada, Hat Art Club and volunteers for Saamis Immigration, and other organizations. Gwendoline believes that giving back to the community is a way to honor her values.

Gwendoline has lived in Alberta for the last 31 years and is committed to hearing your voice and your concerns and will do everything in her power to take these concerns forward. She will work hard to make this province and particularly our region a place where families flourish. Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Brooks, Bassano, Rosemary, Suffield, Veinerville, Duchess, and other small communities should be places where people want to live: to grow, to thrive, to raise and educate their children, and to feel safe.

Alberta should be a place where all can thrive – not just a select few! We need a government we can trust!

To learn more about Gwendoline’s educational background and skills read Here

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May 6, 2022
  • Red Dress Awareness Day: Honouring Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

  • Attending the Snowflake Soiree: Canadian Mental Health: Alberta Southeast – Fundraiser


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What Happening Around Us

According to the AMA, 400 clinics in Alberta are laying off support staff or considering closing. Here are some of them.

Albertans trusted Jason Kenney to make our lives better. Instead, he’s implemented massive job loss and vicious cuts. We didn’t vote for this.

Alberta’s health-care system is not sustainable in its current state, Medicine Hat doctor Paul Parks said in a recent interview with the Calgary Herald.

"This provincial government is balancing the budget on the backs of kids in this province at a time we need investment in future generations. And that's what makes it tough," Estabrooks said.